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Vertical Integrated Company: Growers,
Processors and Exporters
50 years of experience
 70.000 has (173.000 acres)
Farming areas: Argentina,
Bolivia and Chile
Integrated quality management system
HACCP, FSSC 22.000, BRC, and Kosher certified.
Novel Foods approved
Full Traceability 
We ship the product to the five continents

Andes Harvest is involved in every stage of the process from the farm until the goods are delivered to the customers. With an active operation in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, Andes Harvest is able to provide a wide range of agricultural items ranging from seeds, grains, pulses, fruits, nuts and oils. 

For the grain, seeds and pulses operation, Andes Harvest has a solid experience growing them. Our farming division has been growing products for over 50 years in two main growing areas, Santa Cruz in Bolivia and Salta in Argentina. All together there is a surface of 70,000 ha sowed every year. For the fruits and nuts division, Andes Harvest carries out a partnership agreement with few-large growing partners to assure direct supply from the farm and the best possible quality to the market. In addition, Andes Harvest supplies all these agricultural items and other food ingredients to the Chilean industry as a local distributor. 

Andes harvest’s carries on a strict agricultural program with two objectives: supply stability and raw-material’s quality. Supply stability is very important to honor our commitments. Through this, Andes Harvest keeps delivering its contracts even though there are unfavorable climatic or agricultural conditions in either of these countries. Raw material quality is the base to provide a good and safe final product.

Our work from the farms is framed under our Integrated Quality Management system, where we control pre and post-harvest activities, where we also are validating the preparation, processing and the packing of the product under a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) program in accordance with the current GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices), BRC or FSSC22.000 depending on the processing site keeping full traceability of the product and under sanitary conditions to assure a comprehensive product definitions (clean, consistent and safe).

The company has a strong commitment to Innovation, with the capabilities to deliver its products all over the world and meeting the highest quality standards required by the Food Industry.

 Andes Harvest's vertical-integrated strategy not only helps to control the quality throughout the entire process, but also provides a strong supply position with competitive pricing to its customers. 

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Av. Del Valle 577 of 204, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile
Phone: 56 2 2754 4100    Fax: 56 2 2754 4199​

C/Claveles 522 - Bo. Sirari - UV 58 Mz 42 Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia. Phone: +591 75020618

Av. Entre Ríos 736, 4400 Salta, Ciudad de Salta,
Salta, Argentina  Phone: 54 9 387 766 6440



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