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Chia Flour Seed

General Description

Chia seed (Salvia Hispanica L.) is an ancient crop of the Mayans and Aztecs, cultivated in the tropical and sub-tropical valleys of Central and South America. Chia bran is obtained by extracting the oil from the seed using the cold press method. Andes-Harvest’s chia seed is cultivated in Bolivia and Argentina.

Health Benefits

Chia flour is rich in fiber and protein. It has a good combination of components for healthy weight loss, it helps to improve digestion, reduces blood sugar levels which inherently inhibit appetite, and is also low in fat. It also ensures the digestive tract, handling cholesterol and moving food through the colon preventing colon cancer. Finally it is an important source of protein which helps to growth and repair human tissues and organs, it also regulate cell activities.  


Chia flour can be used as a ingreadient to replace other flours and improve health benefits behind those applications. Through this replacement gluten free, rich-in-fiber and no fat applications such as  pasta, bakery products, pizza dough can be obtained.


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