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Popping Corn

General Description

Popcorns (Zea mays var. everta) have been enjoyed for thousands of years. There are data of cultivation well over 3600 BC. Besides being natural and healthy it is a versatile snack which can be eaten plain, spiced, sweetened, or lightly buttered.

Health Benefits

It is low in fat with only 31 calories per serve (1 cup), high in dietary fiber (1 cup has 1.3 grams of fiber), protein and phosphorus. At the same time is a rich source of energy provided by its complex carbohydrates. Wholegrain popcorn is high in polyphenols which help protect against cancers, heart diseases, and other illnesses that are caused by free radicals.


Popcorn is mainly consumed as snack. Herbs can be added on like dill or curry, or healthy oils such as olive or coconut, can be buttered, sweetened or salted or even sprinkled with few spices.

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Why are they good for us?




• Improve Digestion. Reduce blood sugar levels which inherently inhibit appetite. Both together make a perfect combination for healthy weight loss.
• Reduce glucose and insulin levels in diabetic patients and may lower
risk of diabetes.
• Ensures the digestive tract handling cholesterol and moving food through the colon preventing colon cancer.


• Molecules that prevent oxidation of other molecules. – works againts the “free-radicals”
• Free radicals are cells that attack other healthy ones
• Prevent chronic disease such as cancer and heart problems
• Reduce the risk of having osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes.


• Low glycemic index food – inhibit appetite. Prevent obesity


• Its helps to growth and repair body cells and tissues.
• Together with calcium provides structure and strength to the bones.

Popping Corn
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