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Alubia Beans

General Description

Alubia beans also known as White Kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) are largely grown in Argentina. Argentina is well recognized by the world market as a high quality source for these beans with a remarkable appearance and extraordinary taste. These beans are creamy and succulent in texture. In Argentina is where ideal conditions are set and is where Andes Harvest grows Alubia beans to the world.

Health Benefits

Alubia beans are an excellent source of protein, rich in fiber and low in fat. It also ranks low in glycemic index (impact on blood sugar levels), which all together makes an excellent source to decrease weight in a healthy way. It is an important food element to decrease cholesterol levels too. It is also rich in minerals such as magnesium which helps maintain the electrical potential across nerve and muscle membranes, and it helps to handle stress better.


Alubia Beans is a well-established ingredient for making soup, salads, baked beans, and curry dishes, among many others.


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Why are they good for us?


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